Friday, March 29, 2013

Wow! Giveaway! is having an awesome 850+ followers give away!
It looks just amazing!

Don't you think?? :O

Ane ane ane! That's just... waaaaaauh! ♥

Heres a link to JEONGIE's Give away


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

.. it's PENGUINS! ♥

I saw something awesome today... or because I like penguins, it was awesome to me :P I kinda love everything penguin.. It's the most amazing animal ever

Cute ay?
They are available in Tiger stores.

In other news... lol news.. anyway!
For the some time now I wanted to play this game on my phone called "The Simpsons Tappedout", but it has only been available for Iphone (and I am the lucky and proud owner of a LG) .. It's quite fun.. mostly because it is with the Simpson characters.. even if there are alot of games out the in the same genre, this one is made nicely and, the sounds of Homer saying stuff like "A Job mediocrely done!" and such is quite fun hehe... THE SIMPSONS TAPPEDOUT

A screen cappy I made of the game :D

To update on my eye situation;
It's still not good but it's better, going the right way... so without further hesitation, here's a picture of the monster!

Lolz :D hahaha I hid it well... maybe one day I'll post a picture of it in full blown awfulness.. You are warned! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh wow!

So. I was out grocery shopping today and I found some Phineas and Ferb cookies. Since I love love Perry the platypus I took a picture *smile*

Oh well that wasn't the point.. I didn't think I would post it before something totally awesome and freaky happened... Yesterday I installed some google app called goggles, that recognizes logos and bar codes through the camera.. I just did't realize that I would analyze pictures I take randomly.. but when I came home from the supermarked my phone - where it catches the interwebz - and it made a sound *pling*

and it showed me this:

...Phineas and Ferb logo.. and Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz WAHAAHHAH ♥ GOGO Google goggles! xD

You should try it out! Google goggles you might have a laugh.. or.. maybe learn something new? XD I think I'll keep that App.. Legend.. wait for it!.. dary! Legendary! ♥


my head hurts today, as well as last night... i don't feel like doing much, but hey, why not look at some tutorials on youtube for makeup? I can use that...
Ones my face look.. normal.again... arg!

If you can't feel it, I will start spaming the net from now oh! Hoho!

Wow I'm way out of line!

I just realized that even thought I've finally got the interwebz in my appartment I still haven't even made a blog post! Shame on me, 'cause it wasn't the first time! As always I will promise to update more often ... and this time I will attempt to keep the promis!
- tho right now the main reason I acually update, is that I can't sleep due to a swollen eye, caused by under skin infection under my f*ckin' eyebrow... i look really freaky... like notrê dame freaky... and it hurts like a mother f*cker!
And no... no pictures because I'm ashamed and hiding to my best ability in my appartment! Haha.. <3
Anyhoe haha
This is an app that I'm using {yep I'm lazy and you know it haha} so I haven't figured how to use it, like how to include and place pictures in the text flow so bare with me :P
If you come along to see some random photo of my bitches then excuse me haha...
XOXO Shiki LeBroche <3